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Raphael Enriquez
Nov 14, 2023 7 mins read

Discovering the AAG Platform: Your Guide to Understanding AAG Tokens

To address inquiries from our community about how the AAG Platform and its native AAG token work together, we’re here to simplify the details and shed light on the significant advancements underway.

AAG Platform Unveiled: Crafting the Future of Web3

AAG Token Platform

MetaOne Wallet Engine — Simplifying Web3 Onboarding

Facilitates companies in offering customers Web3 access through a seamlessly integrated, secure, and customizable non-custodial crypto wallet. Think of it as a one-stop solution, akin to a social login, simplifying the user experience. Equipped with an integrated SDK and a range of APIs for effortless access and management of pre-aggregated Web3 data.

MetaOne Wallet App  — Gateway to Web3

Elevates Web3 wallet ownership to a banking-level standard, ensuring top-tier security, excellent user experience (UX), and complete asset ownership. It provides a secure and user-friendly environment, offering a sophisticated banking-like experience for managing digital assets.

Saakuru Gasless Blockchain — Ensuring Seamless Transactions

Bid farewell to transaction headaches with the aid of Saakuru’s gas-less blockchain. AAG token holders enjoy monthly fee reductions, creating a seamless experience for users and enterprises alike.

TomoOne Gamification Platform — Unifying Digital Experiences

TomoOne weaves a unified gamification layer, connecting games, products, and platforms. AAG token holders relish fee reductions, asset discounts, and exclusive airdrops, bridging the gap between B2B and B2C models.

AAG Token Integration: Fueling Progress

AAG Token Integration

MetaOne SDK — Enterprise Fee Reduction

Unlock cost benefits with tiered fee reductions for AAG token holders. The discount formula intricately links AAG tokens held to equitable pricing for enterprise clients.

The formula on how pricing will be calculated for those companies is as follows:

a. MF = MAU * PPU — TA (CAPPED AT MAU) * 0.1 * PPU

b. Where: MF = Monthly Fee; PPU = Price per user; TA = Total allocation of AAG tokens

c. Discounts from AAG tokens apply up to the number of users, with no extra reduction for excess tokens. The maximum discount is capped at 10% per user, ensuring equitable pricing for all clients

Saakuru Gasless Blockchain — Developers’ Discount

Developers thrive with AAG token ownership, enjoying discounts on standard monthly fees. The tier-based discount system ensures fair pricing for utilizing the Saakuru gasless blockchain.

The formula for how pricing for developers will be calculated is as follows:

MF = TT * PPT — T * 2.5% * (TT * PPT)

Where: MF = Monthly fee; TT — Total transactions; PPT — Price per transaction; T — AAG Tier of the companies allocation

For example, TIER 9 will qualify for 22.5% discount on their Saakuru fees

Tiered Fee Reduction for Trading/Swapping

MetaOne wallet users with AAG tokens relish tiered fee reductions in the AAG Tiers program, making trading and other features cost-effective.

  1. Swap
  2. Earn (Staking products)
  3. Lending (Getting loans cheaper)
  4. Launchpad (New projects launchpad)

TomoOne — Bridging B2B and B2C

AAG token holders in B2C models enjoy TomoOne assets with a 10% discount and exclusive airdrops. B2B integration remains fee-free until 2025, fostering a collaborative environment.

a. B2C:

  • Users will be able to buy TomoOne assets with a 10% discount by using AAG tokens instead of other available payment methods. Those tokens will be locked until the DAO of token holders decides what to do with them.
  • Users with higher AAG tiers will have access to limited edition assets airdrops.
b. B2B:

  • AAG is not charging, and will not be charging, partner companies who will integrate and release their products live until 2025. After that, the company will start charging new products with onboarding fees and usage fees for distributed rewards. The company will use 30% of the generated revenue to organize airdrop events.
  • The company is receiving ad revenue. This revenue will be broken down into several allocations including 68% for development, 30% for AAG airdrops, and 2% for charity.

Token Utility Across the AAG Platform

Strategic Benefits for Token Holders

Beyond fee reductions, AAG tokens bring tangible benefits like limited edition asset airdrops, discounted purchases, and participation in exclusive events.

Decentralized Pairs and Enhanced Visibility

Decentralized AAG pairs make the AAG token more visible, ensuring users can easily use AAG through MetaOne dApp Store. This also allows for diverse purchases, including TomoOne assets, using AAG tokens.

Client and Partner Programs

AAG tokens facilitate client and partner programs, providing stakeholders with better prices for AAG enterprise services through NFT holdings.

AAG Token Ecosystem: Sustaining Growth

Incentivizing Long-Term Engagement

The AAG Platform’s steadfast commitment to sustained growth involves a thoughtful and consistent reallocation of revenue. Specifically, a significant 30% is dedicated to AAG airdrops, promoting a vibrant and engaged community. In tandem, an additional 2% is allocated to charitable initiatives, underlining the platform’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond its immediate ecosystem. This strategic distribution not only ensures the long-term vitality of the AAG Platform, but also positions it as an adaptable and socially responsible player in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Holistic Approach to Growth

Integrating AAG across various products and services has significant benefits when it comes to the overall user experience. It’s not just about using AAG tokens for discounts; it’s about creating a seamless and enjoyable journey for both businesses (B2B) and individual users (B2C). This integration acts like a bridge, connecting different aspects of the platform and bringing people and businesses closer together. The result is not just growth, but a holistic expansion that benefits everyone involved, fostering stronger and more meaningful relationships between businesses and individual users.

Summary: AAG Token – More Than a Symbol, a Dynamic Tool

The AAG Platform acts as a user-friendly digital haven, introducing groundbreaking features like the MetaOne Wallet Engine and Saakuru Gasless Blockchain, designed to simplify our digital transactions. TomoOne adds an additional gamification layer, creating a unified experience for AAG token holders with exclusive rewards.

Moving into the token integration realm, the MetaOne SDK and AAG Tiers program offer practical benefits such as tiered fee reductions for enterprises and traders. The AAG Platform’s commitment to long-term vitality is evident in its revenue allocation strategy, dedicating 30% to AAG airdrops and 2% to charitable initiatives. This holistic approach extends to the integration of AAG across various services, fostering a connected ecosystem that benefits both businesses and individual users. 

As we move further into this fast-evolving digital landscape, the AAG Platform invites you to be part of a community-focused mission in which simplicity meets innovation. Your ticket to a dynamic, user-friendly ecosystem is ready to be stamped.

Frequently Asked Questions

AAG tokens bring tiered fee reductions, ensuring equitable pricing for enterprise clients based on the number of tokens held.

B2B integration remains fee-free until 2025, with subsequent onboarding fees and usage fees. A portion of generated revenue supports airdrop events.

AAG tokens incentivize long-term engagement by consistently reallocating revenue, ensuring the platform’s vitality and adaptability.

AAG tokens provide benefits like limited edition asset airdrops, discounted purchases, and participation in exclusive events, thereby enhancing user experience and benefits.

Decentralized AAG pairs enhance token visibility, ensuring seamless access every time users utilize Uniswap or SushiSwap through the MetaOne dApp Store.

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