Welcome to the next level of Web3
Unleash the power of blockchain without being handicapped by gas fees. Saakuru allows developers to create dApps with exceptional levels of on-chain activities.
No Gas Fees
Gas fee is a major obstacle for adoption. Because of cost, developers are not able to fully utilize blockchain to its fullest
Blazing Fast
Saakuru is a layer-2 protocol built on top of Oasys blockchain that is specialized for gaming with extreme high volume of transactions
Flexible Token Design
Fungible and Non-Fungible Token can be scoped to suit various use cases
Saakuru is the blockchain for all industries
Oasys may have been designed for gaming, but Saakuru aims to solve the problem for all. Whether you are a game studio, a grocery store, or a financial institution, Saakuru can be the blockchain for you. Work with us to design the experience worthy of your customers.
Want to Develop on Saakuru?
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